Q. How Do I Become a Member of ORC?

Since most members use club equipment, which is expensive and requires a knowledge of proper and safe handling of the boats, oars, etc., you will need to have sufficient skills in rowing to be a member and use the equipment.

There are two ways to become a member of ORC, depending on whether or not you have rowing experience:

Have you ever rowed before?

NO:  You can learn proper boat and other equipment handling either through the Learn to Row or Learn to Scull classes taught periodically throughout the year, or by taking private sculling lessons offered at the club. For Sweep or Sculling Learn to Row programs and private lessons, contact us at Programs@OrlandoRowingClub.com. For private sculling lessons contact the Sculling Director at Sculling@OrlandoRowingClub.com.

YES:  Sculling—You will need to take a check-out lesson to demonstrate that you can handle the shell and other equipment in a safe and proper manner.  Contact the Sculling Director to schedule.

Sweep rowing—To arrange placement in a sweep boat, contact us at Programs@OrlandoRowingClub.com. Most sweep rowers will begin at the novice or regional level until skills and goals are assessed.  Exceptions may be made, as appropriate, by the coach.

In either case, you will be required to complete an Orlando Rowing Club Membership Application Agreement plus a Orlando Rowing Club Waiver of Liability including local emergency contact information, and indicating your ability to swim.  At this point, you enter a grace period during which you may use club equipment and facilities for two consecutive weeks.  You will not be permitted to vote, hold office or compete for ORC during this period.  After that, you will need to pay Membership Dues to continue to use the equipment and boathouse.

Q. Why Rowing?

We know Why We Row, but here are some reasons why you might consider it:  you’ll form new and lasting friendships; rowing can be great for stress relief, weight loss, and overall fitness; it’s a great team sport; it’s low-impact; and, most of all, it’s fun!

Q. What Are the Membership Costs at ORC?

Membership dues will vary according to member category.  We offer one class of membership – full member – with three categories.   For a complete breakdown of costs, visit our Membership Dues page.

Individual Member – An individual age 18 or older
Family Member – Relatives, all of whom are 18 or older
Collegiate Summer Member – An individual age 18 or older wishing to row during summer break between June and August

Members may pay dues on SignPayRow, either annually, biannually or monthly with a 12-month commitment via AutoPay. Boat rental space should be paid annually. Members on a coached sweep team must also purchase a contract for sweep coaching fees with monthly AutoPay withdrawals.

All new members are assessed a one-time fee of $100 per individual or $200 per family, which goes toward the purchase and upkeep of Club equipment.  The fee should be paid with your initial membership payment.  If membership lapses or for past members who wish to reinstate their membership, the $100 assessment will again apply.

Q. Can I Store My Boat at ORC?

Yes, private boat storage is available for $100 per year for singles/doubles and $200 per year for all other boats.  Boat storage fees can be paid via SignPayRow.  Contact Programs@OrlandoRowingClub.com to coordinate storage.

Q. Where is the Boathouse Located?

Orlando Rowing Club is located at Lake Fairview Park, just off Lee Road and US 441 (2200 Lee Road).  Look for the ORC boathouse just to the left of the Edgewater High School boathouse.

Q. What are the Options for Sweep Rowers?

ORC offers a number of options for sweep rowers.  From Learn to Row programs for first-time rowers to competitive groups that travel to the nation’s premier races.  Check out the Join Us page for more details.

Q. Are there any Non-Negotiables for Sweep Rowers?

ORC Members who row as a part of an ORC crew are expected to be dependable, on time for practice, willing to sub in for other boats when asked, and to keep their membership dues and coaching fees up-to-date.

Q. What are the Options for Scullers?

ORC members may choose from Learn to Scull programs for first-time scullers or meet up with other members to scull.  To learn more about sculling at ORC, download the club’s sculling policy.  Additional questions about sculling can be directed to Denise Danenberg, sculling director.  Members may reserve boats using reserve a boat

 Q. Are there any Non-Negotiables for Scullers?

Scullers are expected to use the boat reservation system and sign in and out of the logbook at the boathouse’s front desk.  Scullers are also expected to handle equipment carefully—as if it were your own—and keep membership dues up-to-date.

Q. How Do I Get In and Out of the Boathouse?

Dues-paying members of ORC may purchase a keyfob for a $15 deposit.  When you enter the boathouse, you are responsible for ensuring the door is closed behind you.

When you leave the boathouse, ensure the door is closed behind you.  Check the logbook at the front desk and if there are no other rowers on the lake, close the bay doors, turn off the fans and lights and lock the doors.  Be sure to double-check that no one is out on the water.

Q. How Do I Pay my Membership Fees?

Fees can be paid online using SignPayRow.  It requires a PayPal account for payment processing.  For additional questions about payments, contact ORC’s Secretary.

Q. I Want to Buy an ORC Uniform, How Do I Do That?

Unisuits/tanks for competition will use the Club’s “classic” logo. For questions, please consult your team captain.

Q. What if I Have Other Questions?

The ORC Membership Handbook  and the New Member Booklet are both available for download,  or Contact Us with any additional questions.  We look forward to having you as a member of Orlando Rowing Club.