OARS Masters Invitational 2018

OARS Masters Invitational 2018

Welcome to the 11th Annual OARS Masters Invitational!

Sunday, March 11, 2018
Turkey Lake at Bill Frederick Park, Orlando, FL

Hosted By Orlando Area Rowing Society, Inc.

ORC Entries
Race 1d          Womens Masters 1x     (D. Blake)

Race 3e          Mens Masters 1x           (J. Devesa)
Race 4b          Womens Masters 4+    (K. Gondeck – Silvia) 
Race 5a         Womens Masters 2x     (C. Walter) 
Race 9a        Womens Masters 8+     (K. Rizzo) 
Race 9b        Womens Masters 8+     (R. Anderson) 
Race 12a       Womens Masters 4x     (K. Rizzo) 
Race 12b        Womens Masters 4x     (A. Payor) 
Race 17b         Mixed Masters 8+          (P. Hosbein)

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