Florida Masters Regatta 2018

Florida Masters Regatta 2018

The Annual Florida Masters Regatta is held annually in early May, and is hosted by Orlando Rowing Club.  The venue will be Lake Fairview Park in Orlando where spectators and teams are able to watch the races with tent set-up just a few meters from the course.

Additional details in Regatta Central.

ORC Entries
Race 5a          Womens Masters 1x (D. Blake)

Race 7d          Mens Master 1x (J. Devesa)  

Race 9a          Womens Master 8+ (J. Vesela

Race 9b          Womens Master 8+ (L. Panos

Race 18a        Womens Masters 2x [Composite] (C. Walter)

Race 22b        Womens Master 4+ (L. Welch

Race 22c        Womens Master 4+ (K. Gondeck-Silva

Race 30a         Woens Master 4+ [Composite] (K. Rizzo

Race 35a       Mixed Master 2x (W. Spinelli)

Race 35b       Mixed Master 2x (H. Robinson)

Race 37b        Mixed Master 8+ (P. Hosbein

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