Membership Dues

Membership Dues

Membership Categories:

As a 501(c)(3) corporation organized for charitable and educational purpose, it is the Mission of Orlando Rowing Club to promote the sport of rowing in the Central Florida community. To achieve our mission, we provide a wide variety of rowing programs for rowers with interests varying from recreational rowing to high level national competition.

We offer one class of membership – full member – with three categories.

Individual Member – An individual age 18 or older
Family Member – Relatives, all of whom are 18 or older
Collegiate Summer Member – An individual age 18 or older wishing to row during summer break between June and August

It is expected that all Members will pay their dues and fees according to schedule in order to maintain “good-standing” status. For convenience, Members may pay via SignPayRow.

Storage Fee: $150 Singles/Doubles, $100 outside rack,  $250 Quads, 4’s & 8’s

Membership Dues:

ALL New Members are required to pay REGISTRATION $100 Individual    $200 Family Membership

Annual Dues $500 Individual, $770 Family Membership

Semi-Annual Dues $275 Individual, $420 Family

Quarterly Dues – $155 Individual, $230 Family

Monthly Dues  $55 Individual, $ 85 Family Membership (Monthly dues are only available by AutoPay online and a 12-month contract must be purchased.)

Summer College Membership $150 (90 days, online only)

Sweep Coaching Fee – $30 Once Weekly 
This recurring(AUTOPAY ONLY*)monthly fee allows a member ONE coached sweep rowing session per week
Sweep Coaching Fee – $50 Twice Weekly
This recurring(AUTOPAY ONLY*) monthly fee allows a member TWO coached sweep rowing sessions per week.
Sweep Coaching Fee – $65 Unlimited  BEST OPTION
This recurring(AUTOPAY ONLY *) monthly fee allows a member UNLIMITED access to sweep rowing sessions per week
Annual, Semi and Quarterly Membership Dues and Other Fees such as boat storage or private lessons may be paid online via SignPayRow.