2018 Sunshine State Games

2018 Sunshine State Games

Saturday, Jun 2, 2018
Nathan Benderson Park, Sarasota, FL

Sunshine State Games is an Olympic-style festival program created throughout the state for amateur athletes of all ages and skill levels. Florida’s citizens have the opportunity and incentive to develop their physical talents and competitive abilities.

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ORC Entries

Race 2c         Mens Veteran (50+) 1X

Race 3a         Womens Veteran (50+) 1X

Race 23a      Mens Master Ltwt (160lbs. and under) 1X

Race 29a      Womens Master 4+
                         (C.Plas, D.Castagnola, L.Snyder, A.Robinson, [O.Hecimovich])

Race 37a       Womens Masters 8+
                         (J.Vesela, J.Blais, K.Rizzo, D.Castagnola, C.Plas, C.Walter, L.Snyder, A. Robinson, [0.Hecimovich])

Race 49a      Womens Master 4x
                         (J.Vesela, K. Rizzo, C.Walter, J.Blais)

Race 58b      Mixed Master 8+
                         (E.Harris, J.Devesa, D.Blake, L.Jones, K.Shannon, W. Davis, L.Guarda, D.Danenberg, [M.Harris])

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