Tampa Mayors Cup Regatta

Tampa Mayors Cup Regatta

Saturday March 17, 2018
By Pass Canal, Tampa, FL

Host/LOC: The Stewards Foundation, Inc.

The racecourse hosts a 1000 and 1500 meter-buoyed and protected course. Over 750 rowing athletes and over 2000 spectators will be on hand to participate in this event. The competition includes separate events for Juniors, Colleges and Masters.

Why you should race in the Mayor’s Cup

  • Great competition – the best rowers in each category will be here!
  • Great water – the Bypass Canal is well protected so the water conditions are ideal
  • Great support – we take pride in having great referees and volunteers focused on making the regatta very rower friendly and efficient
  • Great fun – the environs make a great way to interact with other athletes and spectators

ORC Entries
Race 3           Womens Master 1x   (D. Blake)

Race 4           Mens Master 1x          (J. Devesa)

Race 16        Mens Collegiate/Open 1x    (J. Devesa)

Race 30        Womens Master 2x   (D. Blake/D. Danenberg)

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