Why We Row

Why We Row

“I row for increased energy, strength and endurance and, of course, fun!” – L. Barnby

“I row because this sport is by far the most challenging mentally and physically of any I have ever participated in, but because of that it is also the most rewarding.” – M. Walsh

“I row because there is nothing more calming or beautiful than getting a workout outside while watching the sunrise. The beauty and athleticism of the sport got me interested in rowing, but the camaraderie with my teammates keep me hooked!” – K. Wiesenfeld

“I row for heart health.” – M. Brink

“I row  for self discipline.  It allows me to get all my aggression out so I can be polite in society.”  – L. Silvia

“I row for the chance to live a few moments at the peak of my potential.  I want to row with a group of dedicated oarsmen, to compete against the best crews around and try to beat them.  I like to go fast and win gold medals.

In crew, speed demands a total commitment of mind, body and teamwork found in no other sport.  Each person on the crew must commit fully to the program in order to win.  Success requires long hours of hard work and practice.  With sufficient effort over a long enough period of time, progress is eventually made in tiny increments.  It takes months of practice to prepare for a one kilometer race that is over in a few minutes and sometimes decided by inches.  Our crew practices together at 5 am and puts in a lot of extra hours of individual training.  Competitive rowing isn’t for everyone.  This sport attracts people who naturally hardworking, positive, reliable, patient and generous.  I row for the opportunity to be involved with such a great group of strong people.

Rowing with strong people and winning is the greatest feeling in the world.  That’s why I row.” – J. McCabe