Participation Nation

Participation Nation

Participation Nation | ORC Stewardship Program

Orlando Rowing Club is an organization run almost entirely on the time and talents of its valuable members. Without your passion for the great sport of rowing this club and its very successful programs would not exist. When members participate in acts of volunteerism, it fuels the club by not only replacing out-of-pocket payments for a variety of critical expenditures (which in turn can be used for equipment, repair and maintenance needs), but it also taps into the many skills and passions of members to create a more desirable and sustainable ORC.

Participation Nation is the Club’s new Stewardship Program for which all members are expected to participate. Below you will find committees, some that already exist and others that have been created to further encourage Club growth. View the Complete List of Skills and Tasks.

Get Started

1. Review the Committees | Skills/Tasks section (below).
2. Select the Committee(s) that best matches your skills/passion.
3. Visit the Signup Genius Participation Nation Page to sign up.
4. Questions?  Visit the Stewardship FAQs page, or Contact Us.

Committees | Skills/Tasks

Finance Committee (Chairperson: Wendy Davis, Treasurer)
Works with the ORC Treasurer in manners pertaining to accounting, bookkeeping, reporting, budgeting, fiscal planning and execution.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Budgeting; Clerical; Federal Tax Filing; Finance; Insurance Quotes/Issues; Legal

Equipment Committee (Chairperson: Harry Robinson )
Works on maintenance and repair of existing rowing related equipment. Includes ordering parts and club equipment, organizing club equipment repair, coordinating with Safety Committee to ensure equipment is safe and supplies are available. Ensures communication between members and committee on equipment problems.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Equipment Repair; Erg Cleaning/Maintenance; Inventory Control; Launch Motor Maintenance; Oar Repair; Sculling Oar Rigging; Shell Repair; Trailer Maintenance; Trailer Towing; Vehicle Usage for Trailer

Facilities Committee (Chairperson: Steve Divito)
This committee addresses issues with the boathouse, immediate grounds, security, and with all those things that are not directly rowing equipment. Communicate with the city and Edgewater Boathouse regarding general maintenance of the building and grounds. Keeps lists of future and past projects and accomplishments.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Carpentry, Cleaning Bathrooms, Dock Construction, Electric Work, General Maintenance, Household, Lawn Care, Painting, Pest Control, Plumbing, Power Washing, Sweeping Boathouse, Washing Towels, Welding, Boathouse Growth Planning

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Membership/Club Social Committee (Chairperson:  )
Collects and organizes membership forms and dues. Provides coaches/boat captains with updated membership list. Maintains membership database and email list. Coordinates with Treasurer to ensure payment of dues. Welcomes new members and orients new members to the club. Tracks members who have current safety waivers and emergency contact info on file. Organizes a minimum of two all-club gatherings each year, including Annual Member’s Holiday/Election Meeting.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Cooking/Grilling; Membership Activities; Membership Growth; Party Planning

Regatta Committee (Chairperson: David Kuehler)
Coordinates/promotes club participation in future regattas. Facilitates entries, shell reservation, transportation, and de-conflicts boats for use in respective events. Facilitates collection of fees for regattas. Spearheads the operation of the ORC-run Florida Masters Regatta.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Directing Traffic; Launch Driving; Project Management for FL Masters; Regatta Organization: Entries, Equipment, Lodging and Trailering

Dragon Boat Club (DBC) Program Steering Committee (Chairperson: Andrea Eliscu)
Works closely with the ORC Board and Orlando Health Foundation, since DBC assets are owned by Orlando Health Foundation and DBC management is outsourced to Orlando Rowing Club. Committee addresses, particular to DBC Membership, Festivals, boat maintenance, social media and corporate boats/team building.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  TBD

Rowing Development Committee (Chairperson: Ami Raggi)
Works to develop and administer all activities specific to the actual act of rowing. Works to develop and administer rowing programs and sessions. Oversees hiring and development of coaches. Oversees Learn to Row and Scull programs and National Learn to Row Day.

Skills/Tasks Needed:  Purchasing Launch Fuel; Coaching Local, Regional, National Programs; Coaching LTR, LTS; Coxing; Corporate Rowing Program; Launch Driving; Sub Coaching; Teaching Proper Erg Technique; Learn to Row Volunteer

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Capital Investment Committee (Chairperson:  )
Makes recommendations to the BOD and facilitates the purchase and sale of equipment for water and land training. Makes recommendations to the Finance Committee in time for annual budget preparation that matches the strategic plan defining club objectives.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Equipment Purchase

Strategic Planning Committee (Chairperson:  )
Assists the board with developing and executing a plan for achieving a defined mission and vision as well as the objectives and goals necessary to meet these responsibilities for the ORC mission, vision and strategic direction. Ensuring management has established an effective strategic planning process, including development of a three to five year strategic plan with measurable goals and time targets.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Boathouse Growth Planning; Clerical; Equipment Purchase

Merchandise Committee (Chairperson:  )
Helps design, price and purchase club apparel as needed. Make club apparel available at club functions and to members upon request. Periodically, poll the membership to determine what items might be added to inventory. Keep track of sales for the Treasurer. Help design, price and purchase commemorative t-shirts for all club hosted races, including volunteer shirts when needed. Coordinate sponsor logos with the Marketing Committee.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Merchandising; Graphic Design

Fundraising Committee (Chairperson:  )
Works to develop various means to raise funds for the club, including but not limited to auctions, corporate sponsorship, corporate team building outings, grants, etc. and works with various committees (RDC, Marketing, etc.) to meet or exceed month, annual and multi-year goals.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Corporate Rowing Program; Finance; Fundraising; Grant Writing

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Marketing & Communications Committee (Chairperson:  )
Handles marketing, PR, and public outreach for and on behalf of ORC. Develop an annual marketing plan that includes outreach, communication techniques, branding. Organizes events every season to boost club awareness in the greater community, plans publicity campaign(s) with approval of the Board, researches and organizes various publicity avenues, and serve as the liaison between committees and newspapers/printers. Ensures effective communications for members, staff, visitors, and the community at large. Is responsible for ensuring such things as timely announcements of coming events, timely reporting of happenings around the clubs, and that need-to-know information is easily accessible. Maintains an inventory of the communications tools available and information on how they work, who they reach, what they say, and key contacts.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Graphic Design; Clerical; Email, Web and Written Communication; Social Media; Copy Editing; Marketing; Public Relations; Publicity; Promotions; Photography and Video; Printing

Safety Committee (Chairperson:  )
Is entrusted with responsibility to make decisions related to safety concerning ORC. Safety related issues will be deliberated by the Safety Committee and their decisions will be presented to the full BOD for approval. Will ensure that coaches and instructors will inform rowers and paddlers of all safety rules and procedures and insure that they observe them at all times. Coaches, instructors and the Safety Committee will be alert to safety infractions or unsafe practices, and corrections as appropriate.

Skills/Tasks Needed: First Aid and Safety Skills; Organizing Black Bags

Stewardship Committee (Chairperson:  )
Assist the chairperson in the development towards long-term sustainability and effectiveness of the ORC Stewardship Program. Is a complaint department for things that are working in the Stewardship program. Works in developing systems for keeping track of service hours, club needs with committees, those who are lost or need leadership, and to keep pushing other committee development.

Skills/Tasks Needed: Administration

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