Top 5 Reasons to Row

Top 5 Reasons to Row

1) It’s Good For Your Health

There’s a reason most gyms have a rowing machine. Rowing is a full-body workout, utilizing 85% of your muscles. It’s a common misconception that rowing only uses your arms and back. It uses your core and legs too!¹

Even better, rowing — similar to swimming or cycling — does not impact your joints as much as running or other fitness activities. This is one of the reasons rowing is an excellent sport for people who are recovering from injury or have sensitive joints.¹ (Obviously consult with your doctor first.)

Did we mention the mental aspect of rowing? 

Like your physical well-being, rowing is excellent for your mental health as well. One of the most rewarding aspects of rowing is the ability to get on the water away from any stress in your life. To push yourself — and focus on a goal — is a pretty good way to improve other areas of your life too.

¹Source: “6 Reasons Why Rowing Is Your New Favorite Workout”; Kassandra Nevarez;

2) All Ages and Body Types Welcome

Because rowing is a low-impact sport, you’ll find rowers of all ages at the ORC. In fact, the average age of an ORC rower is 55. However, you’ll see all age ranges in our boathouse: 18 to 80.

In addition to age, rowing is also inclusive of different body types. Obviously, if you’re watching Olympic rowing most of the participants are tall and slim. Yes, that helps, but ultimately it’s effort and technique that dictates your success in the boat. 

If you go to a race — or regatta as they’re known in the rowing world — you’ll see people of all shapes, sizes, and ages racing. (And winning!)

3) You Can Win Medals

Speaking of winning, if it’s competition you’re looking for, look no further than the ORC. In fact, the ORC is the oldest and most competitive rowing club in the Orlando area.

Our rowers compete in regattas throughout the year, often taking home medals. Once again, no matter how old you are, anyone can compete. (We do recommend one of our coaching sessions and some practice 🙂

Did you know? The ORC is the only masters-only program in the Orlando area.

What does “masters-only” mean? 

A “masters” program in rowing is a program designed for the development of adult rowers (vs. high school or other youth rowers). Many clubs have masters and youth programs that share resources, equipment, and time on the water. Since the ORC is masters-only, we’re focused on helping adult rowers compete. 

Of course, we have many rowers who don’t compete. And that’s fine too!

4) Connect With Nature

Any rower will tell you that being on the water is a great feeling. Not only is it invigorating, you’re also surrounded by nature. 

At the ORC our rowers describe the blissful sunrises and sunsets they experience during early morning or evening rowing sessions. Or the occasional bird of prey that swoops against the water, grabbing a fish that came a little too close to the surface. 

Yep, being away from your computer, TV, phone, and other technologies is great for your body and mind.

5) It’s Fun!

This reason is fairly evident, but it’s important to remember that rowing is fun. Especially when you join a club. The opportunity to meet new people, join a team, and/or experience the sensation of gliding on the water is a lot of fun. You’ll make memories that will last a lifetime.

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